Analyze Lucy’s Patient Encounter and End User’s Needs

Analyze Lucy’s Patient Encounter and End User’s Needs

Please analyze the following scenario:


Patient Lucy made an appointment to see her primary care practitioner. Her chief complaint was intermittent abdominal pain, about weekly. She had already tried cutting back on coffee from three cups a day to one cup with no success in reducing these episodes.

During her encounter with the physician she had interactions with several employee types:

  • Identified herself and registered at the check-in desk.
  • Was roomed and had vital signs taken by the Medical assistant. Repeated her chief complaint for the record.
  • Reviewed her printed medication list to confirm its accuracy and completeness.
  • Had the physician take her history and conduct the physical exam. Physician found no palpable abdominal abnormalities. Physician inquired briefly about patient’s diet.
  • Lab tech performed analysis per physician order: Chemistry, including triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • Physician reviewed blood work and concluded high triglycerides were present.
  • Physician conducted more in-depth questioning on patient’s diet. Determined that Lucy was engaging in weekly “binges” on high volume of milk chocolate with abdominal pain approximately 24 hours after binging.
  • Physician referred Lucy to a dietitian to educate about risks of high sugar and fat consumption. Also he put her on list of patients for care reminders and possible future gallbladder evaluation.
  1. Select three (3) of the bullet points from the scenario above. Use the tables provided below for each bullet point.
  2. For each bullet point you select, identify an entity from that bullet point item.
  3. Then document 4 data attributes that could be collected. Remember that Attributes are the detail-level characteristics that are found within tables.
  4. Next, consider the end-users of healthcare databases. Identify an end user that would use these attributes in their daily tasks.
  5. Finally, state a daily task that uses those attributes by the specified end-user

To guide you, an example from the education field is recorded below:

  • The teacher arrives in the classroom and takes out the course syllabus.

SAMPLE Selection Chosen

Selected bullet point is:

The teacher arrives in the classroom and takes out the course syllabus.

One entity (person, place, thing or event) is:


Attribute list is :

1. course title
2. textbook
3. test date
4. grading scale

End-user is:


Daily task for the specified end user is:

The enrolled student reviewed the syllabus to determine the date of the first test in the course.

Download the document below and complete it for submission:

Module 03 Written Assignment Template