Carefully think about the Hastings’ special needs.

Carefully think about the Hastings’ special needs.


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After raising four children and operating a local diner in Clarksburg, West Virginia for nearly forty years, the Hastings retired in an attempt to finally enjoy life.

One of their dreams is to travel through Great Britain and Ireland, the mother countries of their ancestors.

Because of their family and professional obligations (often working 80-hour workweeks), the Hastings have never been out of the U.S. and the only trips they have taken were rare, short camping trips with the kids or weekend trips to attend family gatherings and college graduation ceremonies.

In anticipation of this “trip of a lifetime,” they have made an appointment with travel consultant Marie Boone, who is the daughter of a close friend.

Carefully think about the Hastings’ special needs.

If you were Marie, how would you answer the following questions:

How would you handle their unique case?

What questions would you want to ask and what factors should you consider? Why?

How will these factors influence the advice you give the Hastings?

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