Categorical Variables In Statistics Assignment

Categorical Variables In Statistics Assignment

This week you will revisit some basic concepts from previous biostatistics classes in order to understand and manipulate data. As you know, databases contain values organized in one or multiple variables. Those variables have different characteristics that will not only help you to classify data, but also help you decide what type of analyses could be performed. Therefore, learning how to identify, manipulate, and analyze the different variables in your database will prove to be an invaluable task in your data analysis processes.

For this week’s Discussion, you will evaluate the classification of variables as categorical.

To prepare:

  • Select two categorical variables from the data sets provided for the Scholar-Practitioner Project.
  • Consider why the researchers may have chosen to make them categorical variables and decide whether you would have made the same classification.

Post an evaluation of the two variables you selected. Include the following in your post:

  • A brief description of the two categorical variables you selected from the database
  • An explanation of why you believe the variables were created as categorical variables instead of continuous variables
  • An explanation of whether you believe this is a correct classification for this study (provide a rationale)

Support your post with the Learning Resources and current literature. Use APA formatting for your Discussion and to cite your resources.