Challenges that the law enforcement currently faces

Challenges that the law enforcement currently faces

This is a reminder regarding the information from week two (2) where you were given the assignment of selecting the topic and submitting the cover/title page using this APA formatting guideline (Links to an external site.)Links to an external a guide and to answer any formatting questions.. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This week you continue building toward the final paper.

This week you are required to complete page two which is a rough draft of the introduction paragraph (minimum of 200 words) using the correct APA formatting (which includes page number and header and note the use level header on page 3 of the sample).

Use the attached sample APA formatting/instructions and note the use of level headers. Your paper must mirror the sample or lose 20 points.

This is the complete APA formatting guidelines (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. information with explanations. This sample should answer any questions you have about the formatting; how should the cover page look, how do you number the pages, introduction/conclusion, what is a level header and why is it used, what goes where, how should this be formatted, citing references and the reference page.

Feel free to find any resource that you are comfortable with to assist you with the formatting.

Your paper must mirror the sample; beginning with the cover page, the header, numbering the pages, level headers, introduction/conclusion, citing the references within the body of the paper and the reference page

You are being provided with the directions for the week seven paper that will be due on Saturday of week seven. This amounts to a few pages each week so that you are not overwhelmed in week seven. By week six you will have the first couple of pages competed so you will be on your way to finalizing your paper. The assignment requires a minimum of six (6) pages NOT including the cover page and the reference page.

This assignment is designed to help prepare for the week seven paper. The paper will be based on the issues we will examine through week eight.


***Given what you have learned thus far identify a minimum of three (3) challenges that the law enforcement currently faces. Why are these challenges and what are your solutions/suggestions? Make sure to address issues such as use of force, community policing and minority representation.***