Child Observational on Emotional Development

Child Observational on Emotional Development

This assignment is just to observe what a 1-2 years child doing in 10 mins and record it down. Need to describe how they pick up a toy or what’s the emotion on their face and what happened. It needs 10mins note for B(a code name that I gave one of those boys) and 10 mins for G(For girl). There is also some other questions and I’ve uploaded to the link below.

I’ve done 2 of those assignment, it’s so hard for me to fake another one because it’s boring…

They also have a playground which including a slide and some toys…11:50 is what they usually having lunch.

Pls help me and fake some random notes for me

Thanks a lot!

Here is the example and timeline.

11:30-11:40 for B

11:40-11:50 for G

Child observation 3

11:30 : B was running in the playground along with other kids, he quickly followed another child to a small room and talking with him.

11:31: B is still in the small room. Their teacher came in and gave them permission to play those push toy and the mini truck.

11:32: B quickly ran in front of the push toys and picked up one of those with his both hand.