Compare how the goals of Information systems may differ

Compare how the goals of Information systems may differ

Case Study : 1

Discussion Questions:
1) Compare how the goals of Information systems may differ, if driven by CEO, CIO, and customer service or equally by all business areas.
2) How did joining the dealership with a common data network help Volvo cars Belgium Improve customer satisfaction?

Critical thinking Questions:
1) What other Information Systems could assist and auto dealer in Improving customer service?
2) How can an auto dealer judge customer satisfaction and how can Information Systems be used to compile an overall customer approval rating for dealership?

Case Study 2:

1) Whey have CEO’s important contributors to corporate strategies?
2) How might a CIO with a larger budget have an advantage over sadiq rowther at Johnson & Johnson Philippines?

Critical thinking questions

1) if you were CIO at Johnson & johnson philippines, how might you convince the corporation to invest in a project you designed?
2) johnson & johnson philippines, like the country is growing rapidly, what consideration should rowther take into account when planning the information systems budget for the next fiver years? what about consideration for current investments in information systems?

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