Create a Sales/Marketing Powerpoint Presentation

Create a Sales/Marketing Powerpoint Presentation

Create a Sales/Marketing Powerpoint Presentation. In the presentation, you will attempt to persuade your audience to buy a product or service, or to choose a particular career field. The product may be an actual product, or it maybe a fictitious product which you have fabricated. Please avoid topics which might be offensive to the average audience. For the purposes of this assignment, you can employ humor in your product presentation while making all kinds of unsubstantiated claims, but, please keep it appropriate for this class.

Changing customer’s attitudes about a product, such as whether to try a new brand of soap, is much easier than changing beliefs and values, such as which political party you vote for and which religious beliefs you subscribe to. In describing the benefits of your product, will we make money, have more leisure time, be healthier, be more popular, be protected from danger? In Cost Analysis, you need to make sure that you can begin with the raw materials and then pay personnel to manufacture the product and STILL wind up making a profit. Point out payment plans (time payments, cash, MasterCard Visa, American Express and Discover) which can make purchasing easier.

Create an Outline: Your outline should follow the number of slides for your presentation. For this presentation, you will use 8 slides:

  • Slide 1 is the name of your Product and your name.
  • Slide 2 is your Objective, which is to sell your product.
  • Slide 3 is Customer Requirements, which is identifying what the customers need.
  • Slide 4 is showing that your product satisfies (or meets) the needs that your customers have.
  • Slide 5 is the cost analysis of your product.
  • Slide 6 is the strengths of your product.
  • Slide 7 is key benefits.
  • Slide 8 is next steps. (how they can get your product, join this profession, etc.)

View a sample outline: Selling “Grumpy Untrained” Brand Dog Food

Sample Topics: you may choose one of these or create your own.

  • Selling/Marketing Intelligence Enhancing Pills
  • Selling/Marketing the Army as a Career
  • Selling/Marketing Infant Car Seats
  • Selling/Marketing Smoke Alarms
  • Selling/Marketing Fishing Equipment
  • Selling/Marketing a Vacuum Cleaner
  • Selling/Marketing a Particular Health Club
  • Selling/Marketing Land On the Moon
  • Selling/Marketing Swamp Land in Florida
  • Selling/Marketing Ocean Front Property in Arizona
  • Selling/Marketing A Vacation Package to Hawaii
  • Selling/Marketing Life Insurance or an IRA
  • Selling/Marketing Cosmetics
  • Selling/Marketing Real Estate
  • Selling/Marketing a Book, CD, or DVD Club
  • Selling/Marketing a Camera
  • Selling/Marketing Nursing as a Career
  • Selling/Marketing Law Enforcement as a Career
  • Selling/Marketing Food Services as a Career
  • Selling/Marketing a Restaurant or Fast Food place