Criminal Justice Ethics Violence in Prison Critique

Criminal Justice Ethics Violence in Prison Critique

CCJ 450 Analytic Critique Guidelines- 30 pts each

Use APA Style References and Citations- Failure to correctly format or utilize citations/references will result in a significantly lower grade. ALL sources need to be cited/referenced, even if its class notes from a previous semester.

Write a critique of what you have read for each week, minimum 2 pages. A critique is both an analysis and evaluation of the reading. You can analyze in both a negative and positive way. Do not just summarize the readings, instead explore the implications of what the authors are saying. In addition, ask yourself:

What is the main point the author(s) are trying to make?

Why is he/she making this point?

How does the author argue their point(s)?

How does the author support their argument?

To evaluate ask, how thorough is the authors argument?

What is the usefulness of the text?

Does the author back up their points with evidence?

Be sure to cite/reference the source- sources must only come from scholarly sources OR approved media sources such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, and Local Newspapers. Anything outside this scope will not be counted as an acceptable source. If you have questions about source, email me. You will use ALL class materials for the week in the analysis- failure to do so will result in a lower grade.\