Do the benefits of hormone therapy outweigh the risk?

Do the benefits of hormone therapy outweigh the risk?

Contain a minimum of 250 words. References, citations, and repeating the question do not count towards the 250 word minimum.

Contain at least one (1) current professional nursing reference.o A current professional nursing reference is from current (five [5] years old or less) professional sources published in the United States.o Sources such as Wikipedia, Medicine Net, nursing blogs etc. are not professional nursing resources and do not count towards the one (1)reference minimum.

As the RN working in a family health clinic, you are providing education to a peri-menopausal woman who is seeking your guidance related to hormone therapy for management of hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats.

Using information from evidence based findings found in current professional resources; respond to the following questions.

Initial Discussion Post:

Describe two (2) benefits and two (2) risks of hormone therapy?

Do the benefits of hormone therapy outweigh the risk? Provide rationale with evidence based data from the literature.

What is one potential alternative to hormone therapy for this patient? Provide rationale to explain how this alternative may be beneficial for this patient.

Describe how you will incorporate the QSEN pre-licensure Patient Centered Care competency into assisting this patient to make an informed decision on the most appropriate plan of care for her.