Email: The IMRD Report

Email: The IMRD Report

1) Email regarding the IMRD Report:

Start by writing a draft of a professional-quality email suitable for sending to your supervisor or program advisor, letting them know the report is complete.

1. Create an e-mail based on guidelines for professionalism:

1– Use an engaging subject line that makes sense.
2– Start on a friendly note.
3–Speak in plain English and write like you talk.
4–Be clear about why you are writing.
5–Keep it to a few short paragraphs.
6–Watch your spelling and punctuation.
7–Be specific with your requests.
8–Use a friendly sign-off.
9–Create a signature line for your email.
10- Review it carefully before you send it.

  1. Write the email to your supervisor (your instructor) to inform her that the report you were asked to write is complete, attached to the email, uses APA citations, and is available to read on the company’s network drive as requested.Put the email into context for the audience(s). Your supervisor has dealt with a lot of things since delegating this research to you and asking you to report on it. You also know she is planning to forward your email and report to a committee that will be reviewing the results in your report. Keep this secondary audience in mind as well.
  2. Meet the quality benchmarks by referring to the grading guide for the expectations for each part of the email.
  3. You will eventually attach the report to the email. For now, in your draft, just make an appropriate mention of this in the message of your email.(I will do this step)
  4. You will eventually send your e-mail