Facebook Micro Aspects Of Organizational Behaviour Case Study

Facebook Micro Aspects Of Organizational Behaviour Case Study

1. Read the short case study on Facebook in your textbook (p. 126-127).

2. Answer the following questions.

1. Based on the information provided on Facebook, what values and attitudes can you identify within the organization? Be sure to define and demonstrate your knowledge of the difference between “values” and “attitudes” in your answer.

2. How is Facebook attempting to manage generational differences in values? What are some of the challenges for Facebook that generational differences in values might cause? (HINT: do differences in values impact levels of turnover, job satisfaction, or organizational commitment?)

3. What is Facebook doing to help job satisfaction among its employees?

4. Based on what you have read about Facebook in the textbook, would you like to work for Facebook? Why or why not?

3. Your completed assignment should be no less than 300 words and no more than 500 words. Use full sentences.

4. Format your assignment as follows:


  • No title page; the first three lines should look as follows:


Individual Assignment #1

Student Name



  • Use times new roman, size 12 point font and 1 inch margins all around, single spaced
  • Submit as a word document (not PDF or pages or note format!)
  • You should retype each question before beginning your answer