How would the Landlord Tenant Act play a role in the Judge’s ruling? 

How would the Landlord Tenant Act play a role in the Judge’s ruling? 

Considering the case mentioned, the legal considerations that I would analyze to conclude on the claims of the tenants and the landlord are; the legality of notices issued to the tenant by the landlord proofs to confirm that the notices were delivered to the client. The time or period allowed for the tenant to evacuate the premise before being evicted and the contract or agreement made before the landlord leased the premises to the tenant.

Basing on the above aspects, I will rule the case in favor of the landlord. By the fact that the tenant confirmed being in contact with the landlord indicates that the notice was issued. Additionally, the landlord has texts and notices of several months begging for the rent from the tenant. This is enough proof to show that the time the landlord gave the tenant adequate time to pay off the rent but the tenant failed to do so. Finally, months of texts and notice means that time allowed exceeded 14 days, the period required by the law before evicting the tenant from the premises. Therefore the landlord has the right to terminate the contract and evict the tenant from the premises.

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Excellent start, but, how would the lease play a part in this scenario (if there is one).   How would the Landlord Tenant Act play a role in the Judge’s ruling?  Once you have considered these issues, please consider the following:  Janice wrote a song called “Feelings of Love.” She wrote the piano score and lyrics for a class she was taking at college and turned it into her professor.

a.  Janice’s song was automatically copyrighted when she wrote it down on paper.
b.  If Janice wishes to enforce her copyright, she must first register her song with the Copyright Office.
c.  Both of the above are correct.
d.  Neither (a) nor (b).

Please explain your answer making sure to use legal theory and terminology in your explanations!!