Mehrdad Isvandi Interview

Mehrdad Isvandi Interview

please make sure all of the parts are correct and please answer to part 2 and part 3.

Please check the file in the attachment.

Your report will be at least 4 typed pages, written in a narrative style and will be

organized in 3 parts as outlined below:

Part 1: Questions for you to answer (page one). This should be in a narrative

form. No Question & Answer format will be accepted.

• Name and title (or occupation) of interviewee

• Company

• Why you selected that occupation

• How you identified the company & the interviewee

• How you obtained the interview

• What you learned in the interview

• What you might do with what you learned

Part 2: Questions for the person you interview (pages 2 and 3). Please write this

in a narrative form. Write about what you found out and what you learned from

the experience. Focus on what you took away from this interview. Do not put

this in a Question & Answer form. Points will be deducted if this is how it is


• How did you get involved in this work?

• What was your training and background coming in?

• What talents or skills does someone need to excel in this line of work?

• How do you keep your skills current?

• What attitudes and values do you feel are most important?

• What is a typical day at work like for you?

• What do you like best? Least?

• What would you recommend as the best course of action for someone who

wanted to be in this line of work?

• What do you look for in potential employees?

• What do you see as the future of this kind of work? Where is your field


Part 3: Prepare a Thank You letter to your interviewee. Be sure to send this

letter within 24 hours of your meeting. Make a copy before sending and add it to

the Informational Interview.