Organ Transplant Kidney Failure Causes & Effects

Organ Transplant Kidney Failure Causes & Effects


There are many topics highlighted in the course, and it is essential for students to have the opportunity to learn more about a specific topic that interests them. We also learn by doing! Students should select a specific topic of interest related to death, grief, and loss. The assignment should be tailored to a specific audience (e.g., college students, high school students, specific school organization, persons who have experienced certain losses, teachers, health care professionals, general public, children).

Students may choose the overall format of the assignment:

  • Newsletter format– Newsletter template in Word. Also, use either footnotes or APA for citations and references.
  • Report style format in Word– Single spaced, 12-font, may incorporate the occasional use of dot points, page numbers, headings, APA or footnotes for citations/reference page, etc. You do not need to format your headings per APA.
  • Traditional academic paper– Double-spaced, headings, title page, page numbers, APA style for citations/references, 12-font. You do not need to format your headings per APA.
  • If there is another type of written format you wish to use, please contact me. At a minimum, the citations/references should be cited using APA style or footnotes.

Word count
The word count minimum is 500 words for undergraduate students and a minimum of 800 words for graduate students. Please do not exceed 1000 words. Do not inadvertently count the reference page, title page, etc. as part of your minimum word count.

Use at least three scholarly sources (the textbook does not count towards the minimum). In addition to scholarly sources, please vet online resources.

Examples of scholarly sources:

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Books published by an academic press
  • Books published by experts in the field
  • Textbooks

Please do not use the following types of online resources for this assignment:

  • Personal websites/blogs
  • Wikipedia

Critical thinking is an essential part of making the decision on whether information is credible, accurate, and relevant.

Optional Resource: Currency, Relevance, Authority, and Purpose (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Reminder: Librarians are more than happy to assist you with locating scholarly sources. Librarians are underutilized; consulting with a librarian can definitely save time.

Student Choice Assignment Content


  • Use a creative title for your assignment that is relevant to your topic/focus, purpose, and audience. For instance, do not use “Student Choice Assignment” as your title.


  • Include an introduction and conclusion.

Body of the document

  • The content you include in your assignment should relate to your topic/focus, purpose, and your audience. The body should include your main points (refer to the proposal). The context of the student choice assignment is not to merely write about a specific topic but to tailor the information to a specific audience with a goal of educating the audience.