The Omnivore’s Dilemma Discussion

The Omnivore’s Dilemma Discussion

Answer the following questions. It should help you to do the reading assigned before answering these questions. Also post a paragraph response to one of the other postings by your classmates. Make clear which comment you are responding to. You may agree, disagree, ask a question, or try to come up with a transition connecting two of the ideas in different postings

Question: What is your opinion of the controversy about eliminating the invasive pigs from Santa Cruz Island? Should animal rights, like human rights, be thought of in terms of the individual, or more in terms of the ecosystem? (325)

Response to this classmate:

Do you agree with Pollan that the animals at Polyface farm, eating worms and rooting for corn cobs, are happy? (319) What do you think constitutes animal happiness?

The animals are still not happy because they are still livestock. Many people become vegetarian because they realize what consuming kinds of meats is. Its industry still develops and more efficient. Therefore, various things related to their products, livestock, would be no waste whole task. However, as a result, what they eat in an industry is also changed with development. The workers cleave that livestock is their product. The foods that their livestock eat in there will be something without what they feel about. For workers, feeding it is a daily task, and one of the essential things to earn more is keeping the cost to the livestock down.

One thing that livestock would be happy is free. In other words, livestock in organic farms is happier than other livestock. Organic farms follow some instructions from the American organization. Thus, an environment that the livestock spend is comfortable. Some foods that people eat is inhumane. For example, goose liver is made with tasks that the goose must overeat. An environment of the farms is various. In other words, to make a product, workers try to do in many ways. The environment is improved. However, some workers do as taking care of non-organic farms. As a result, to make livestock happy, the important thing is free like people spend. Livestock also needs what a human does.