The results of the Bobo doll experiment have implications for?

The results of the Bobo doll experiment have implications for?

  1. The results of the Bobo doll experiment have implications for
  2. the impact certain kinds of toys on children’s behavior
  3. the impact of television violence on children’s behavior
  4. understanding why children prefer some toys over others
  5. understanding why children imitate adults

Question 2

Jean Piaget developed the use of schemas as an explanation for social learning theory.



Question 3

Elizabeth often plays an online video game that involves a tremendous amount of violence against women. Over time, she has become increasingly afraid of becoming of victim of violence herself. Elizabeth’s fears reflect __________.

  1. an anxiety disorder
  2. social learning
  3. cultivation effects
  4. stereotyping

Question 4

An individual using an online instructional program to become a real estate agent might be studied from the point of view of social learning theory.



Question 5

The Bobo doll experiment provided the foundation for __________.

  1. social learning theory
  2. media cultivation theory
  3. studying violence in online video games
  4. common conceptions of reality

Question 6

Manuel has never been concerned about his rather small, thin body, but an increasingly large number of pins on Pinterest show men who are far more muscular than he is. Suddenly he wants to work out and do some body building. What likely accounts for his sudden concern with his appearance?

  1. changes to Manuel’s schema about the ideal male body
  2. learning by observation
  3. changes in Manuel’s personality
  4. cultivation effects

Question 7

José spends every free minute playing violent online video games. Obviously he is a trait-anxious individual or high-sensation seeker.



Question 8

The Bobo doll experiment provides support for the belief that __________.

  1. violent online video games do not impact the behavior of children and adolescents
  2. violent online video games do impact the behavior of children and adolescents
  3. children and adolescents can distinguish between violence in the video games and violence in real life
  4. children and adolescents have no inherent interest in violence

Question 9

Albert Bandura would be most interested in __________.

  1. how people categorize and use knowledge they acquire through social media
  2. how people use social media to relate to others
  3. how social learning occurs on social media websites
  4. how social media content affects attitudes and behaviors

Question 10

If you have never heard about LinkedIn, then according to Jean Piaget, you have no schema for that particular social media website.



Question 11

Cultivation theory predicts that if you read repeatedly on Twitter about crimes committed against people in your city, you are __________.

  1. likely to respond with tweets defending your city
  2. unlikely to respond at all
  3. c. likely to become increasingly afraid
  4. unlikely to feel any increase in fear

Question 12

The idea that we process information through schemas is a theory about the psychological influence of social media.



Question 13

Violent online video games such as GunBlood, Executioner 2, and Hobo, have become franchise titles with multiple editions and massive numbers of online followers. This fact reflects the __________ of violent online video games.

  1. popularity
  2. cultivation effects
  3. power
  4. d. influence

Question 14

Ten-year-old Jake wants to play online video games. His parents are concerned that playing violent games may make it difficult for Jake to know the difference between violence in the game and violence in real life. They have looked for information but still have no concrete answers. Why not?

  1. There have been no studies done on this topic
  2. The topic is still being debated
  3. All the studies on this topic have been done in other countries
  4. Researchers have not yet shared the results of their findings

Question 15

Which of the following is NOT an example of social learning theory as it applies to social media?

  1. Users taking online classes
  2. Users copying the behavior of others on social media websites
  3. Users making posts on Facebook
  4. Students finding additional information about their course subjects

Question 16

Albert Bandura’s experiment showed that when children observed adults hitting a Bobo doll, they also hit the doll. These results provide support for the idea that _________.

  1. Bobo dolls encourage violent behavior in children
  2. children’s behavior is unpredictable
  3. we learning through observing others
  4. we do what we want, regardless of what we see others do

Question 17

Someone who has never used Pinterest asks you to explain it. You reply that it is a social media website where people can share pictures, videos, websites, etc. on any topic by ‘pinning’ them to ‘boards’ that others can see. Your description, right or wrong, reflects __________.

  1. a. your schema for Pinterest
  2. how much social learning you acquired from using Pinterest
  3. your level of interest in Pinterest
  4. the cultivation effects of repeatedly using Pinterest

Question 18

When you add new information to old information, you are building your schema.



Question 19

Individuals may play online video games to escape their present reality.



Question 20

A media cultivation theorist would be most interested in __________.


  1. how people categorize and use knowledge they acquire through social media
  2. how people use social media
  3. how social learning occurs on social media websites
  4. d. how social media content affects attitudes and behaviors

Question 21

Violent online video games that have become franchise titles have dedicated forums to help gamers cope with aggressive tendencies cultivated while playing.

Select one:



Question 22

A woman recently convicted of criminal behavior blames the fact that she plays violent online video games for hours every day. According to a study by Nabi and Riddle (2008), there is may be some basis for her claim.



Question 23

‘Social media consists of Facebook.’
‘Social media consists of Facebook and Twitter.’
‘Social media consists of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.’
The above statements reflect changes in one’s __________ social media.

Select one:

  1. level of interest in
  2. definitions of
  3. attitudes toward
  4. schema for

Question 24

Social learning theory represents only one way in which we learn.



Question 25

__________ assumes that regular and frequent exposure to certain types of social media content has an effect on a person’s attitudes and behavior.

Select one:

  1. Social learning theory
  2. Cultivation theory
  3. The schema explanation
  4. Agenda-setting