Types Of Criminal Patterns Paper

Types Of Criminal Patterns Paper

types of patterns §Series
§Hot prey
§Hot spot
§Hot setting
§Hot place
§Hot product

Pick 3 of the following 8 descriptions, and determine which type of pattern it is. Justify your answers using the definitions we covered this week. Respond to two classmates, agree or civilly disagree with their assessment.

Five motor vehicle thefts from the Happy Days Apartments parking lot occurred over 1 week. All of the vehicles were found partially stripped at various locations around the city.

In December, there were seven thefts of motor vehicles left running at gas stations (when victims went inside to pay) around the city and in neighboring cities, with no common suspect information among the crimes.

Seven thefts from vehicles in the Massena Shopping Mall parking lot occurred in three hours during one afternoon.

Over 10 days, four commercial arsons occurred overnight in District 2 and District 4; a man with a similar description in each crime was observed leaving the retail stores with jewelery immediately after the fire alarm was triggered.

Four home invasion robberies of Haitian immigrant families occurred in the Water’s Edge neighborhood by the same suspects.

There have been thefts of GPS units from rental cars in hotel parking lots as well as rental car parking lots in District 2.

There have been four daytime residential burglaries of single-family homes over the past 2 weeks in a 0.19 mile radius within the Shady Acres gated community; two crimes began with entry through the back slider, and two started with entry through the cabana door.

Six late-night robberies of pizza delivery drivers by different suspects across the city have occurred; one driver was victimized twice.