What trend do you foresee, as far as glocalization, within your industry in the next 5-years?

What trend do you foresee, as far as glocalization, within your industry in the next 5-years?

This journal is different than many journals you may have encountered during your time at university. In fact, it is better to think of it as an Interview than a journal.

Part of learning about business is networking. This interview is to get you motivated and networking with business professionals in your local area. If you want, you can also set-up an online interview using Google Hangouts; however, you should make an effort in your local area if at all possible for this experiential learning opportunity to conduct a face-to-face interview.

You will conduct a 30-minute interview with a business professional who has experience with SCM and Global SCM.

During the interview, ask permission to submit their first name, last name, and email address as elements of your interview summary, in case your professor wants to check in with them on their thoughts of the interview.

As the person conducting the interview, you should dress professionally for the interview, and be prepared with some initial research of the person you are interviewing (review their LinkedIn profile) as well as, their organization (online research, corporate website, etc.). The point is to show up as a business professional, and to be properly prepared and engaged for the interview. You will be asking the questions, and you should be prepared to be an active listener and to ask pertinent follow-on questions.

The three main question sets you are to ask, allowing about 10 minutes of discussion each, are:

Question Set 1: (SCM Theory) Glocalization is a hybrid word of global and local, meaning, “think globally and act locally.” How does your organization implement glocalization? What trend do you foresee, as far as glocalization, within your industry in the next 5-years? Do you envision any radical changes in your industry that would drive changes to the theory or strategy of supply chain?

Question Set 2: (Global SCM Practice) How is the multi-modal system used effectively as an element of pragmatic practice for daily operations within your supply chain? How important is the standardized container towards smooth operations within the supply chain? Can you cover the types of pallets used by your organization, their standard size and purpose? What is your top concern with the daily practice of your supply chain operations?

Question Set 3: (Professional Interaction, Communication, and Presentation Skills) How important is the concept of first impressions in the business environment? What communications skills do you use most often within the supply chain? Do you present often in your role within the organization? Can you cover how a normal presentation flows as one of your best practices?

To successfully complete this interview, review the rubric prior to the interview and ensure you complete all required elements. However, in general, you will be composing 2-pages of meeting minute format summary of the interview, highlighting who you selected to interview, their contact information, the three responses, any other follow-on questions or key points, and then close with a summary and your reflection on what you learned in relation to the course topics